L'Academie de Cuisine is recognized as a military friendly school and participates in Title 38 education benefits to eligible veterans and their beneficiaries. Today’s top chefs need skilled cooks, and Armed Forces veterans have proven themselves to be exceptional culinary and pastry students, excelling in our training kitchens, in working apprenticeships in restaurant kitchens, and on into their careers. We've found our veteran students thrive under the unique conditions of the kitchen. Over the past decade, our veteran students have graduated and found satisfying work in respected kitchens across the nation.



L'Academie de Cuisine is proud to offer a Veterans Tuition Scholarship to provide recognition and financial assistance to eligible veterans, former service members or their spouses and children. Upon acceptance into either the Culinary or Pastry Arts Program, those eligible will receive a $950 scholarship covering the tuition deposit and the uniform and supplies fee. We feel strongly about supporting our servicemen and women and their families, and we're dedicated to helping them build lasting and fulfilling careers.

Jerry's Story

From The Army To The BBQ Pit

Culinary Arts: 2012
Military Service: U.S. Army
Apprenticeship: Smokehouse Live!

My love for cooking began at an early age: I vividly remember baking cupcakes in my mother’s kitchen. This interest continued as I helped my mom prepare family meals and, of course, clean the kitchen.

When I graduated high school, I joined the military. I requested a job as a cook but was talked into joining the Airborne infantry, and during my time in service, one of my sergeants at Ft. Benning taught me a lot about BBQ. When I retired from the military in 2001, my love of cooking again became #1 and I pursued my love of BBQ with new devotion, even welding a 250 gallon oil drum into a BBQ pit.

I started to compete on the BBQ circuit using my beloved home-made pit. With practice, research, and dedication to food safety and my equipment, my BBQ hobby quickly turned professional, giving rise to my team and catering company, Heavenly Hogs BBQ Co. As I moved up in the competitive ranks, taking home medals and ribbons, I sought out cooking and food safety classes, including one from Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke in Richmond, VA. He is a classically-trained French Chef, a most humble man, and amazing pit master. His credentials inspired me to go all in and attend culinary school.

My education at L'Academie de Cuisine has furthered my knowledge and built the foundation for the career path that I was meant to have. I am honored to learn from the amazing people who teach here and join all the chefs around the world who have earned their credentials from L’Academie de Cuisine.

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