September 5, 2017

Everything I Create Shares A Part Of Who I Am

L’Academie de Cuisine presented pastry student Ariel Splitt with the Bill Jackson Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to one student per Culinary or Pastry Arts program who best embodies the late Chef Bill Jackson’s love of culinary education and mentorship.

Ariel’s essay submission was selected because she exemplified the passion, commitment, and legacy of our L’Academie students through her reflection on herself and her professional culinary career:

My passion for food grew from family and community. Food was always shared, in celebration of a holiday or event, with friends and family to welcome or spend time, in times of need or sadness to bring comfort. When I started cooking more often and I saw the happiness it could bring to other people, I knew I had found where I belonged.

As I began to explore the world of pastry, I began to see a whole new side of food. The more I learn, the more I am enthralled with what I can do with the knowledge I am given. Learning the techniques that make a delicious product has given me more freedom to experiment, because I know why I will get different results. I want to continue to learn, and continue to share these new products with my community. Everything I create shares a part of who I am.

Mentorship in the kitchen goes back to our roots. I began cooking by watching my grandmother and mother making things in our kitchen. That carried over to the food jobs I had as an adult. All of what I learned about food came from incredible chefs who wanted to share their knowledge with young people hungry to learn. Since this industry is constantly growing and evolving, we have to learn from each other every step of the way. We wouldn’t have great chefs without people who are patient enough to share what they know with the next generation.

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The Bill Jackson Memorial Scholarship fund is made possible through the generous support of the Great American Restaurants group (GAR), a locally owned restaurant group. Twenty-five cents ($.25) of each dessert sale at Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food & Lucky Lounge, the restaurant named after Bill Jackson, is donated to this scholarship fund.