November 17, 2017

Gratitude is food for the soul

“I have the tools to approach every recipe with confidence.”
Allison Davis (’13), Chef at Cure Coffeehouse and Brasserie

“The chef instructors were knowledgeable, the lessons were interesting and challenging, the class times worked with my schedule, I had diverse learning experiences, and I met great people.”
Nadia Stokes (’15), Chef and Owner of The Brown Cookie Company

“They didn’t sugarcoat anything. The small classes and instructors prepared me for work in a real production kitchen.”
Laura Davidson (’12), Owner and CEO of A Beautiful Plate

“Culinary school taught me the essential kitchen skills and culinary knowledge that would set me up for success in future roles, whether as a restaurant cook, food editor and writer, or event programmer at the James Beard Foundation.”
Elizabeth Laseter (’12), Assistant to the Director of House Programming, James Beard Foundation

“I gained the knowledge and confidence to tackle any issue within the catering world.”
Debra Abramowitz (’10), Catering Manager & Executive Chef of Signature Caterers

“The professional training and restaurant experience I received gave me a competitive advantage in my chosen field.”
Jennifer Farley (’10), Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, Food Photographer at Savory Simple

“The chef instructors pushed me to my limits. They made me tougher, smarter, more hard-working, and passionate.”
Ivy Odom (’16), Recipe Developer and Test at Time Inc. Food Studios

“They are serious about technique. It’s a place where egos are checked at the door and everyone is equal because no one is above learning the fundamentals of French culinary tradition.”
Kevin Carroll (’12), Digital Coordinator at No Kid Hungry

“They teach you how to cook and think on your feet with classic correct knowledge from authentic French teachers with impressive backgrounds.”
Austin St. George (’15), Junior Sous Chef at Bresca