November 8, 2017

Home Is In The Kitchen

By Alec Webster, Chef at The Ocean City Marlin Club

I’ve had an interest in the culinary arts since I was a child. A daily Food Network habit helped grow this passion but left me yearning to understand the more tangible aspects of working in a kitchen, which I began pursuing through a culinary program offered at my high school. After graduation, I spent months searching for the perfect culinary school to turn my passion into a career.

The moment I walked into L’Academie de Cuisine I was home.

Small class sizes and excellent instructors cemented L’Academie as the best environment in which to hone my craft. Although training proved tougher than expected, the experienced and dedicated chef instructors constantly pushed me to achieve the best outcomes possible because they know first-hand what it takes to succeed in the industry.

From L’Academie’s kitchen to my current place of work, these are three rules I’ve learned to live by:

1. Keep an open mind. As a chef at The Ocean City Marlin Club, a private fishing club in Ocean City, Maryland, I learn something new every day. The members of the club bring in fresh fish off the docks, giving me plenty of opportunities to experiment with new methods of cooking. The fundamentals taught at L’Academie have enabled me to grow professionally in unimaginable ways.

2. Think positive, be positive. Attitude is everything. When it inevitably gets hot in the kitchen, both figuratively and literally, remember to tell yourself: you’ve got this.

3. Love the work. During an internship at Fager’s Island on the bay, we would have 550 to 650 covers per night with no air in the kitchen. Some nights, the heat would get up to 190 degrees (see rule #2). This line of work is not easy, but with passion, dedication, and a whole lot of love, it is the most rewarding.