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What is the difference between Participation and Demonstration classes?

Participation classes are hands-on: students cook along with the instructor. In demonstration classes, only the instructor cooks, while explaining the techniques and recipes used. In both types of classes, students enjoy the food prepared.

What is the price range for classes at L'Academie?

The average price for a demonstration class is $90 and participation class is $95. Couples’ classes average $195 per couple; youth clases range from $135 with parents to $85 just kids/teens. Series, workshops, and some courses are priced higher due to menu and/or instructor.

What types of classes do you offer?

L’Academie offers a variety of cooking classes in the following categories: Baking/Pastry, International Cuisines, Wine/Beverages, Special Dinners, Lunches, Children/Teens, All-Day Workshops. We also offer private events.

How do I know if a class still has openings?

If a class is sold out, the thumbnail view will indicate so.  You can join the automated wait list, by clicking the thumbnail and opening the individual class listing. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a field in which to enter your email and join the wait list. Please note: you will not automatically get registered for the class, you will receive an email to let you know it is available.

I’m a beginner, is that okay?

Whether you are brand new to the kitchen or have many years of cooking experience, there is a class for you. From basic technique courses to in-depth specialized training, L’Academie offers more than 1,000 cooking classes each year for everyone from the beginner cook to the seasoned professional.

When are classes offered?

Classes are offered Monday to Saturday, in the morning, afternoon and evening. L’Academie is closed on major holidays and is listed on the schedule.

When will your next schedule be online?

The list of classes are usually updated every 4 months. Newer classes are identified in our bi-monthly e-newsletter.

How long are most classes?

Generally, classes are between 2 to 3 hours. Workshops are between 4 to 6 hours.

How do I cancel a class I’m registered for?

You may cancel your class registration up to 3 business days prior to its scheduled start and still receive a full refund. To cancel your registration, you must call (301) 986-9490 to speak with a representative. L’Academie will not honor cancellations by voicemail or email.

Can my kids come to classes or do you offer kids' classes?

L’Academie classes are designed for individuals 18 years and older. We offer separate classes for children ages 5-8, 9-12 & 13-17. You will find a complete listing under our kids classes offerings. There are Parent/Munchkin, Parent/Child, Kids and Teen classes, as well as Spring and Summer Camps.

Do you offer wine-related classes?

Yes. We offer wine tastings, pairing, lectures & more. We suggest that students eat something before coming to wine classes as many of them are not paired with food.

How do I become a L'Academie Assistant?

Please visit our assistants webpage for more detailed information. First, you must submit an application online, then you will be contact to schedule an orientation session. Once you have completed orientation, you participate in hands-on training in three separate classes alongside an experienced assistant. During this time assistant trainees are evaluated and after completing the training are generally accepted into the program.


Please email Sonia Meyer, Volunteer Assistant Coordinator, at smeyer@lacademie.com with any questions about the program.


Where are you located?

L’Academie’s recreational cooking school is located at 5021 Wilson Lane in Bethesda, MD.

Is parking available?

Our Bethesda location has limited metered parking out front and ample garage parking within walking distance.

How do I set up a private cooking party?

Please visit our Private Events page to learn more about hosting a private cooking class for your next event! You can also contact L’Academie – Bethesda’s Campus Director at (301) 986-9490.

Can I hire a personal chef through L'Academie?

L’Academie does not have any personal chefs available for hire, but we do offer a referral list. Please contact classes@lacademie.com to learn more.

I’m interested in becoming a professional chef. What classes do you offer?

Our culinary school arm, L’Academie de Cuisine, offers two full-time professional programs in both the Culinary and Pastry Arts. If you are interested in either of these professional cooking programs, please contact our Admissions Office at 800-664-CHEF (2433).

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